TMH is owed by Taira (Mullen) Asamani, EA.  I have a bachelor degree in Accounting, graduating with honors from Southern New Hampshire University.  I have been working in the field of accounting doing bookkeeping since 1996 and then went into public accounting in 2004.  My knowledge through continuing education and experience from working on audits of financial statements, vast range of tax returns and complex bookkeeping issues has enabled me to help those individuals who seek help in bookkeeping of any nature and prepare their tax return.

Taira is an enrolled agent.  What this means is that she is a federally licensed tax practitioner who has proven technical expertise in the field of taxation and can represent taxpayers audited by the IRS or can address matters by the IRS.

Being an enrolled agent means that you must have continuing education which keeps you current on all the changing tax laws that may affect you.  An enrolled agent is held to a much higher standard than other preparers.

Here at TMH it is believed that you should do it once and do it right.  The environment is very open and relaxed.